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Why the Best Carpet Cleaning is Green and Dry

Published: July 17, 2014

The most common complaint about carpet cleaning is that the clean doesn't last. Carpets may look good for a week or two, but the spots invariably return - especially with steam cleaning. Another frustration is that it can take hours or days for carpets to dry. This is especially true if you clean your carpets yourself with a rental machine that uses a mix of soapy chemicals and water.  

The great thing about green and dry carpet cleaning is that these problems don't exist. Customers are happy with the way their carpets look and feel for months, or even years, after they have been cleaned the green way.  Most feel good that no hazardous, chemicals were used - especially if they have allergies.  This is by far the best way to clean carpets for the following reasons:

♦ No wet carpets - You can enjoy your clean and DRY carpets immediately.

♦ Spots won't wick back - Carpets stay cleaner up to 5 times longer with dry cleaning.

♦ Protects your investment - Green cleaning is completely safe for all types of carpeting and fine area rugs, including delicate Orientals.  A dry and natural method can double or triple the life of your carpet. Recommended by carpet manufacturers world-wide and won't void carpet warranties.

♦ Safe and non-toxic carpet cleaning - No harsh chemicals are used that can harm the environment or compromise the health of your children or pets.

♦ Improves indoor air quality - Green carpet cleaning removes 75% to 85% of dust mites, mold spores, cat dander and other allergens with just one cleaning.

♦ Eco-friendly carpet cleaning products are plant-based, green-seal certified, wool safe, VOC compliant, bio-preferred, and recyclable.

♦ Quality work at an affordable price - Green and dry carpet cleaning methods cost  the same or less than competitors.      .  

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