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Fantastic Experience - Angie's List Review

Published: October 7, 2015

Both experiences with Greenway were fantastic. Before the first carpet cleaning, my husband was having trouble breathing easily in our bedroom at night (he has some mild asthma) - we suspected that the carpets had not been cleaned in ages, and were probably harboring mold, pet dander, dust, etc. Sure enough, after Greenway cleaned our carpets his breathing got much better! Not to mention the fact that the carpets looked beautiful - I had no idea they could be improved so much.

The second time they came out, they really went above and beyond what we expected - they not only cleaned the carpet and got it dried out for us, but they left deodorizing powder and spray with us to use if we needed it, and called to follow up. I really thought we were going to need to pull up the carpet after it got wet, but so far (2 weeks and counting) it's doing fine!

I appreciate that these folks use environmentally friendly products - the room is left with a very light fresh scent, not chemically at all - and I really love that they use a dry cleaning method rather than steam cleaning. We have enough trouble with moisture down here as it is.

They are also incredibly professional and friendly. No runaround, just nice people doing excellent work. I would trust them with any carpet I had. Highly recommended! 

From Greenway Carpet Care of Boone Angie's List



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